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SME Business Funding: Perception vs Reality

A decade after the global financial crisis shook SMEs to their core, businesses are finally emerging from a more conservative approach to business funding. They are embracing the risks associated with debt in order to grow and expand. Tens of billions of pounds are now being lent annually as financial institutions are approving eight out of every 10 applications.

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undergraduate competition

Undergraduate Competition

At More Than Accountants, an online accountants, our new approach to growth within accounting is helping businesses throughout the UK  reach their full potential by taking many of the mundane tasks of accountancy off them. We are the only online accountant to offer monthly bookkeeping and monthly management accounts as standard and this would not be possible without the use of online software such as Xero and our custom built systems that run alongside. Read more

Why 8% of Sales People Get 80% of the Sales

As an online accountant, we had to dig into this one. Understanding and studying consumer behavior can eventually convert to sales. However, most salespersons cannot convert sales, only just a few can. You scratch your head and ask yourself why. This is because there is an idea that ONLY 8% of sales people get 80% of the sales. Written in this article are the reasons why this is true, mistakes you should prevent to commit, and things you can do to make it in that 8% bracket. Read more

Accountants Urged to Assess MTD Readiness of Their Clients

With the implementation of Making Tax Digital (MTD) for VAT looming, it’s becoming increasingly more apparent that the new digital system for managing VAT is not going to be everything HMRC promised. In fact, reality promises to be a bit more challenging than the original vision of MTD for VAT. Many accountants are not ready for Making Tax Digital however every client at More Than Accountants are fully compliant.

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The $300 Million Button

One of the most trending topics in product development is knowing the best methods for user experience (UX). However, despite the fact that most industries have already recognized the importance of user experience, there are still some businesses which are having some budget issues. Some people think that there is no connection between UX and profit. They disregard the importance of user experience, most especially if they have a limited budget for development. But what if your customers have to go through a lot of things before they can complete their purchase? You could have made some sales if only the process is much simpler. Right? Read more

Fairness of Pension Tax Relief Called into Question

Auto-enrolment was considered an important protection for lower paid workers when it was first announced a few years ago. Now that the vast majority of companies addressed by auto-enrolment have complied with the law, there is growing concern that the same people helped by auto-enrolment are now being hurt by unfair application of pension tax relief. A number of accountancy news stories reveal calls for the government to change things.

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