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Ultimate Customer Loyalty Statistics 2019

Ultimate Customer Loyalty Statistics 2020

Customer loyalty is important in today’s business model. Companies are spending more money on customer loyalty than ever before. Loyal customers is the lifeblood of today’s businesses (particularly small businesses.) Not only loyal customers stick to your business and buy more of your products and services, they can also refer your business to peers and generate more leads. Read more

The 4 Key Content Metrics

The 4 Key Content Metrics

What is ‘content?’ Content is anything users consume and can take many forms. A decade ago, written articles or blog posts are the content of the internet. However, it has already changed. Nowadays, contents take the form of Facebook posts, Twitter tweets, Instagram photos or videos, YouTube videos etc. Don’t get me wrong, incredibly written articles and blog posts continue to be popular. But, I would rather watch a 10-minute smartphone review than reading a review about it. Read more

Mobile Cart Abandonment Study

Mobile Cart Abandonment Study

The E-commerce sector, including mobile shopping, has been growing rapidly in an unprecedented rate across the globe. Mobile shopping, or the purchase of goods or services using a mobile device, is very popular among online shoppers. Online consumer spending is amounted at a 2.3 TRILLION US DOLLARS in the year 2017 alone. Statistics also project that it will double to 4.8 trillion US dollars by 2021. Read more

Revenue and Customs – Brief 13: Changes to VAT treatment of retained payments and deposits

In December 2018 HMRC published a policy paper, Brief 13, which explains their new approach to payments and the subsequent VAT, for unfulfilled supplies. This paper is aimed at any businesses that retain payments or takes deposits for goods or services, which customers may not take up, and outlines a new interpretation on a slightly murky area of VAT obligations.

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Customers Attention Getting More Difficult to Grab

As a business owner, you must learn how to attract potential customers. Even if you already have customers, you must continue to attract more. Perhaps you might think that this is just an easy job. However, it takes more efforts. You need to sell your product or service by attracting customers. Unfortunately, this is difficult to achieve since consumers are exposed to numerous advertisements each day. Read more