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Bookkeeping is a time-consuming task for every business owner, and getting behind is a common occurrence. With our managed bookkeeping solution, you can avoid hours of catching up on work. Our accountants will take care of this vital part of your business, freeing up your time so that you can devote your attention to the things that matter the most.

We are best known for our all-inclusive unlimited service plan, which includes all accounting services required by a UK business and more for a fixed monthly fee. Furthermore, when you sign up for our all-inclusive service, we will give you a 50 percent discount on any outstanding bookkeeping you may have.

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Collecting the right information ...

We will collect all the necessary information to complete your bookkeeping from you and contact your previous accountant on your behalf if applicable.


Reconciling the books …

Our expert accountants will complete your bookkeeping in the most tax efficient way possible.

Sole Traders

Easy and comprehensive accounting services for a fixed price.

Limited Companies

Expert support for your limited company’s accounting needs


Accountancy services for partnerships provided by qualified accountants

Limited Liability Partnerships

Qualified accountants providing accounting services for Limited Liability Partnerships.


Simple accountancy solutions for both contractors and freelancers

Other Services

View a complete list of the accounting services we offer.

Our signature all inclusive accountancy package

More Than Accountants specialises in an accounting package that aims to boost your company’s profitability while lowering your tax bill.

This package includes all of your accounting needs and more. Bookkeeping on a monthly or quarterly basis, company accounts, VAT returns (if applicable), management reports, regular tax reviews and advice, and self-assessments. All completed using Xero accountancy software.

Unlimited Telephone and Email Support

No question is too big or small; no concern is too insignificant.

True unlimited accounting package that covers all of your accounting needs with no hidden costs. We guarantee a maximum three-hour response time to your enquiries.

Unlimited telephone & email support

Never any hidden costs

Guaranteed 3 hour response times

What "extras" are included in the fixed monthly fee?

We want to help you grow your business while also lowering your tax burden.

We provide you with quarterly or monthly management reports using Xero Accounting Software and Dext Receipt Reading Technology, allowing you to make informed company business decisions and allowing your accountant to provide you with regular tax guidance.

Monthly or Quarterly Management Reports

Xero & Dext Included

Regular Tax Advice

Switching Accountant - Easy Transition

Want To Join Us? We take care of everything!

We quickly take over all of your accounting needs once you give us the green light. If necessary, we will contact your prior accountant on your behalf, with the goal of bringing your accounting and tax situation up to date as quickly as possible.

We contact your current accountant on your behalf.

We make contact with HMRC to get approved as your accountant.

You keep doing what you love, which is running your business..

Trusted by 1000+ small to medium sized businesses across the UK

Learn what it’s like to utilise More Than Accountants’ all-inclusive unlimited accountancy service from a few of our customers.

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Isaac Matovu
Isaac Matovu
Great accountants and highly responsive and helpful to all our needs. They are able to take the time to clearly explain everything that is expected and required. Including providing application like xero and reciept bank which streamlines our ability to keep our books. Tariq Ali was extremly helpful!
Deeps Mistry
Deeps Mistry
Thanks to Andrew and particularly Ryan, He is always very keen to help and is very persistent which is something i was looking for in an accountant but it very rare. Thanks so much and looking forward to continuing the professional relationship
Excellent remote accountancy service. I have been using them for over 5 years now and their service is excellent. Andrew & Ryan have always been available to help.
Kieran Wilson
Kieran Wilson
I have only just started working with More Than Accountants and I already feel at ease. When it comes to tax and booking keeping I have let it slip a little due to various events and I can honestly say More Than Accountants are definitely what there name suggests they have gone above and beyond to help me and not only that teach me, so I can do better business they have amazing, friendly staff and they have resources that can help further your business I 100% recommend these for anyone . Honestly Thanks again.
Natalie Weller
Natalie Weller
We could not have asked for a more welcoming, helpful company to engage with. Simon, always a pleasure to talk too and sorts any queries faster than lighting. Jamie in credit control, brilliant communication and always pleasant to deal with. And Khamis, absolute star. A lot of work needed on a very short space of time, and is always calm and reassuring. A huge thank you from us for saving us a lot of time and grey hairs
Russell Gambier
Russell Gambier
I have used More than Accountants for over5 years now. They are always helpful and approachable. Ready to help with problems and resolve issues. Thanks to Danny and Jamie for help and advice.
Martin Brimicombe
Martin Brimicombe
Really great company, would definitely recommend them!
Richard Brown
Richard Brown
Very professional team who always resolve issues to my satisfaction.
S Brady
S Brady
The team at More than Accountants are very friendly and easy to deal with. Great value for money. Thanks :]

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Frequently Asked Questions

Bookkeeping allows you to understand the status of your business. At the same time, you need to file your VAT returns, produce your company accounts and submit your tax returns to HMRC.

More than accountants use the online accountancy software Xero, which automatically connects to bank accounts and payment platforms, making the whole bookkeeping process streamlined.

Bookkeeping is the process of recording and identifying all the financial transactions within your business. It will keep track of all the amounts that your business spends as well as the amounts that your business receives.

As the name suggests, bookkeeping was originally handled using ledgers and books. Every transaction will be recorded in journals, cashbooks, or daybooks; afterward, they will be transferred to a ledger.

With innovation in technology, accountancy software such as Xero is now being used instead of physical books.

Having a precise, well-organised set of books is an excellent start to operating a successful business. The following are the reasons why:

  • You will have accurate financial information that you can use for your budgeting and planning decisions.
  • You can verify whether the money you made is greater than the money you spent.
  • You will know when a cash crunch is about to happen and can take the necessary steps to prevent it by watching when you can anticipate payment from customers and when you should pay suppliers.
  • You can accomplish precise tax returns.
  • Most likely, you will discover incorrect payments or fraudulent transactions that could cost you money.
  • If your financial information is well-organised, then it will be much easier for you to coordinate with other parties such as investors and lenders.

To achieve precise small business bookkeeping, you must do proper recording and reconciliation.

Record Every Transaction

Record All Your Sales.

Traditionally, this was accomplished by listing them in a cash book or inputting them into a spreadsheet. But nowadays, business owners can easily download sales data from invoicing software or point-of-sale and store this information in their books.

Record all your transactions.

All purchases that are business-related must be noted. You should also keep the proof of purchase if you have plans to claim that expense as a tax deduction.

Again, all the details can be recorded in a spreadsheet or a book. Or you could automate the task by sending all the debits from your business bank account into your bookkeeping software.

Income and expenses can be recorded differently depending on whether you are using cash or accrual accounting.

Reconciliation of Transactions

Reconciliation is the process of cross-referencing your bank statements against your business books to check whether the balances and transactions match. If they don’t, then you must determine the reasons why. Most often, deposits, bank fees, payments, and interest payments that are not yet recorded in your bank accounts must be accounted for.

Bank reconciliation can be done either monthly, weekly, daily, or less often, depending on how many transactions your business has gone through. However, you might need to reconcile your books before you submit your tax returns.

The quicker you reconcile transactions, the quicker you can discover mistakes and correct them. That is why it is much better if you do it more frequently, or even daily, so the work will not quickly pile up. It is important that you learn how to do bank reconciliation.

Additional small business bookkeeping duties

If you are fulfilling the responsibilities of the bookkeeper for your small business, then you might also be liable for doing the following:

  • Accounts Payable: This means you will pay bills on time.
  • Accounts Receivable: This means you will issue invoices and ensure that they are paid.
  • Payroll: This means you will compute and pay the salaries of your employees.

Whether it’s a new company formation or an established business, if you choose professional bookkeepers, then they can also offer you other services such as assisting you with financial reports such as balance sheets, profit-and-loss, and cash flow reports, or gauging your business performance.

  • Most small businesses are using online bookkeeping software to quickly accomplish these jobs and, at the same time, minimize the occurrence of human data-entry errors. The software can help you with:

    • speeding up bank reconciliation,
    • Extracting transaction data directly from banks, invoicing software, and point-of-sale (POS) systems,
    • Automatically paying your bills
    • It will inform you when sales invoices are paid.
    • Send invoice reminders automatically to those who owe you money.
      and permits you to verify cash flow using your phone.
    • The ability to produce financial reports
    • Making Tax Digital compliant will require you to use online software such as Xero for your bookkeeping.
    • Using Xero will allow your bank feeds to pull right into your Xero account.

    Many of these features are available through Xero’s mobile app.

If you are one of those people who are too busy doing your small business bookkeeping, then you can hire somebody else to do it for you.

You want an accountancy professional to complete your bookkeeping to ensure your accounts are correct and to make sure every transaction is recorded in the most tax-efficient way possible.

If you would like More Than Accountants to complete your bookkeeping, you can generate an instant quote online. We can combine your bookkeeping and accountancy for a more cost-effective and comprehensive approach.