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Ten Ways to Build a brand for Your Business

Over 40 Word of Mouth Marketing Statistics

We compiled over 40 word of mouth marketing statistics you can use as a jumping off point for your analysis of how to use WOMM in your own marketing efforts.

We discovered people talk about shopping a lot. For all age groups, shopping ranks as a Top 10 conversation topic. In fact, more than half of our daily conversations involve shopping. It’s no wonder that scrutiny of word-of-mouth marketing (WOM or WOMM), what it is, how it works, what’s its impact, is climbing. Read more

The Importance of Repeat Customers

There are a lot of things that we want to do just to make sure that our business will grow.  However, have you considered thinking about the importance of your best customers? Most often, we focus more on acquiring new customers rather than giving more attention to our returning customers. Keep in mind, that these are actually the people who have helped you in building profits for your business. As a marketer, we are always looking for ways in order to grow our customer base and our business. To help you increase your conversion rates, there are different resources that you can find on the internet. Read more

Customer Success Breeds Business Success

If you want to achieve long-term success for your business, then it is essential to ensure that your customers are satisfied. After all, unhappy customers will probably share their displeasure with others. Potentially, this can hurt your revenue from upsells as well as your chances of acquiring new customers. In order to keep your churn rates low, you need to provide customer support and customer service. However, most companies are now becoming proactive by focusing more on customer success. Read more

The Psychology of Color in Marketing and Branding

Most retailers and marketers (and us online accountant team) must have known by now that marketing is an art of persuasion. There are various factors that can influence people’s purchasing decision. But the most obvious one is the visual appearance. When shoppers walk into a store, they will immediately notice the placement or arrangement of the products as well as the coordination of the colors. If you are trying to market new products, then it is important to consider the influence of colors on people’s buying decision. Read more

Free Social Media Tools 2019

In today’s modern world, your marketing plan would not be a success if you don’t incorporate a reliable social media strategy. You need to recognize the best course of action so you will be able to achieve your marketing goals. There are a lot of social media platforms that you can use, such as Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn, Twitter, and others. However, it is not necessary that you should have an account on every single one of them. Read more

Customers Want Page Load Time to be 2 Seconds or Less

Customers Want Page Load Time to be 2 Seconds or Less

In today’s growing pace of lifestyle and technology, everyone expects everything to be better and faster. Laptops and smartphones are getting faster. Internet speeds also are getting higher, with the introduction of 5G technology. Unsurprisingly, consumer behaviour also adapts as well. Fact is, most consumers expect web pages to load in less than 2 seconds. This is true, especially to the mobile market where most dominant apps are e-commerce apps, social media apps, and gaming apps. But why does speed matter? Read more

The 4 Key Content Metrics

The 4 Key Content Metrics

What is ‘content?’ Content is anything users consume and can take many forms. A decade ago, written articles or blog posts are the content of the internet. However, it has already changed. Nowadays, contents take the form of Facebook posts, Twitter tweets, Instagram photos or videos, YouTube videos etc. Don’t get me wrong, incredibly written articles and blog posts continue to be popular. But, I would rather watch a 10-minute smartphone review than reading a review about it. Read more