How to Create an Empowering Vision Book

You have your own unique goals in life. In fact, your brain tries to draw images about the statements that you provide to your subconscious mind. When these statements and images matched your goals, then there is a possibility that you can accomplish them!

One of the most valuable tools that can help you in visualizing your life is a vision book. Here, you will find the image of your future. With the help of a vision book, you will know where you are going. It will outline your goals and dreams in life. This is great since you will be able to visualize what your ideal life would be like.

Since your mind can quickly respond to visual stimulation, then it is only appropriate that your goals must be represented in images. By having these pictures on your mind, this can help you in strengthening and stimulating your sentiments. Additionally, these emotions can energize you and you became attracted. Hence, it is actually true when we say, “A picture is worth a thousand words.”

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The first thing to do is to define your dreams. Once you are done defining your dreams, then the next thing to do is to illustrate them visually.

How To Create a Vision Book?

As much as possible, try to make sure that your vision book portrays the future that you want. Look for appropriate pictures that truly represent your emotions, experiences, as well as possessions that you wish to attract into your life. Gather them all together and put them in your book. Enjoy doing it!

You can get pictures from magazines or from the internet. You could even use your own photographs. Do whatever pleases you! This is the time that you can show your creativity. Do not limit yourself to pictures only. It’s ok to use anything as long as it represents you.

If you want to include a picture of yourself, then choose the ones which were taken during those happy times. Perhaps you might want to include your favorite quotes, statements, as well as some inspirational words,  and thoughts here. Make sure that the images and the words that you choose can make you feel good and inspire you.

Be sure that your vision book represents your goals and dreams, whether it is for one particular area or the entire area of your life. Keep it tidy at all times. Be choosy when it comes to choosing the things that you want to place in your vision book. It would be great if you can avoid any clatter in your book. Of course, you wouldn’t dream of having a chaotic life in the future.

Be careful in choosing your words and images, use only the ones that best symbolize your desire as well as your ideal future. The words should stimulate positive emotions in you. Simplicity and clearness can bring beauty into your vision book. Excessive information and numerous images can lead to distraction, making it more difficult to focus on.

If you are looking to create several changes in different areas of your life, then you may need more than one vision book. For instance, you could create one for your career goals, another one for your personal goals, and the last one could be for your financial goals. Your vision book for your career goals could be kept in your office or desk to inspire you.

How To Use Your Vision Book?

You could place your vision book on the table next to your bed. Keep it open as long as you are comfortable with it. Every morning and evening, spend some time imagining, declaring, accepting, and internalizing your goals.

It is more powerful if you visualize in the evening before going to bed. The concepts and images that are stored in your brain before you go to sleep will be replayed over and over again in your subconscious mind. Furthermore, the insights and images that are in your mind at the start of the day can help you formulate a corresponding match for the future that you want.

As time goes by, your dreams will start to become a reality. When this happens, try to look back at the images that inspire you to reach your goals. Be thankful that the Law of Attraction has worked in your life. Even if you have already achieved your goals, do not remove the images that represent them. You need to constantly view the goals that you have achieved in your vision book. These images will serve as powerful reminders of what you have already attracted into your life.

In order to keep track of your progress, record everything into your vision book, starting from the day that you’ve created your vision book. You will be surprised by the results of the Law of Attraction into your life. Through your dedication, energy, and desire, you can quickly achieve your goals and dreams.

Your vision book will be your time capsule. It will record your journey throughout a particular year including your dreams and achievements. This will document your experience, growth, and development. You would want to keep everything on it so you can reflect on them in the years to come.

It is recommended that you make a new vision book every year. As the years go by, you will keep on developing, evolving, and expanding, so do your dreams and goals in life. Your vision book must be kept and cherished at all times. It contains everything, including your dreams and goals as well as your development and achievements.

Guide in Using Your Vision Book

Spend some time in looking at your vision book more often and try to absorb the inspiration that it provides. Hold your vision book with your hands and internalize your future life. To further motivate you, read those affirmations and inspiring words in a loud voice. Then, imagine yourself living in this state of life.

Feel that you are in the future that you desire. When you believe it, then everything will be yours. Be thankful for all the good things that are already in your life right now. Recognize the goals that you have already accomplished. Remind yourself of the changes that you have done into your life. Thank God for everything that He has given you. Support the Law of Attraction since it has worked in your life.

Your vision book should be the first thing that you look at in the morning and the last thing that you look at before going to sleep.

What is a Vision Board?

Vision boards or dream boards are one of the most relevant tools for visualization. They contain inspiring images turned into a collage. In these collages, you can visualize what you want your future to be like.  It represents where you are going. Here, you can see your goals, dreams, and ideal future life.

When your goals and dreams are symbolized in pictures and images, it can encourage and excite your emotions. It’s because your subconscious will react vigorously to visual stimulation. After establishing your dreams and goals, you can visually describe them on your vision board.

A vision board is where you will create your collage of images and words. It can be made of any type of board as long as it symbolizes your goals and dreams. You could either use a poster board or a cork or you could purchase a board from a professional supplier. When you put all the images of your goals in one place, you can easily visualize them. Don’t forget to look at them each day and imagine that you have accomplished them.

How to Create a Vision Board?

Just like a vision book, the vision board also describes the future that you want to create. Here are six steps in making empowering vision boards.

Make a list of the goals that you want to accomplish in the coming year.

First of all, you cannot visualize your goals, if you do not even know what they are. You need to spend some time in realizing what your ideal life would be. Additionally, you need to determine what are the things that you can do in the next twelve months so you can get closer to your goals. You could also use the meditation technique for clarity and inspiration.

Gather a bunch of magazines that contain beautiful pictures.

If you don’t have any magazines at home, then you could ask your friends or neighbors for any magazines that they no longer need. Or you could visit your local thrift store and buy some. You can purchase each magazine for a dollar or two. Do you have a local recycling depot in your area? If you have, then you can just pick the magazines that you want for free.

Look for pictures that symbolize your goals.

Allocate some hours in the evening or in the weekend and go through each magazine carefully. If you can see pictures that symbolize your goals, then cut them out. Be sure it is something that is very meaningful to you. When cutting out your images, you could listen to some music to get you inspired in visualizing your goals!

When searching for images, look for something that can make you quickly say that “This is it! This is what I want in my life!” It does not necessarily have to be pictures of physical objects or the literal meaning of your goals in life. Rather, you should concentrate on how these pictures can actually make you feel.

For instance, if your goal is to live in a home with waterfront, then don’t worry if you can’t find an image of your ideal home. Maybe you could choose an image of a beautiful ocean sunset instead. This will be enough to give you some inspiration. If your goal is to attract a new partner in life, then rather than searching for a picture of your ideal man or woman, you could find an image that symbolizes love. For instance, it could be a picture of a couple holding hands or a simple image of a heart should be enough.

Create a collage using all the pictures that you have gathered.

If you think that all the photos that you have gathered are already enough, then you can start making your vision board. You need to purchase a large construction paper or poster paper before you can start. Although, a corkboard or any large paper can also be used. You also need a tack, tape, or glue in affixing the pictures into the board. Arrange the pictures in such a way that it looks pleasing to you.

Include some affirmation words that express how you want to feel.

Your vision board should not only include the things that you want so much. Instead, it should also include how you want to feel. You could add some words that describe how you want to feel each day. These inspiring words could be healthy, powerful, joyful, loving, loved, abundant, fearless, strong, and financially free.

Spend some time in creating a list of words that illustrate how you want to feel. You could write the words yourself or look for them on the internet. In adding these words to your vision board, be sure to do it in an attractive way.

Take a moment each day, examining your vision board.

It is essential that your vision board must be placed in an area where you can see it each day. Be sure to spend a few minutes in looking at your vision board, perhaps once or twice a day. You could evaluate your vision board prior to doing your guided visualization. In this way, your goals are still fresh on your mind as you attract what you exactly want into your life.

It is also ideal to examine it each night before going to bed. Doing this can inspire your subconscious mind to discover new concepts on how you are going to accomplish your goals. So, when you wake up in the morning, you will be loaded with the inspiration to succeed. Once you notice your vision board constantly, you will take some actions to bring you closer to accomplishing your goals.

We hope that this article has inspired you to make your own vision book or vision board. Visualize your dreams and create your vision book or vision board based on this visualization.

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